A highly interactive one-day workshop where you learn how impactful companies work, and get expert support to forecast the climate and environmental impact of your business.


The problem we solve with the CIF workshop is that, while anyone can benefit from impact insight using CIF, it takes a bit of know-how to make forecasts worth sharing.

During the workshop, participants get the tool, LCA theory and expert support they need to make high quality forecasts. Afterwards, participants can make their own forecasts, inform decisions with impact science, and share clear and credible impact statements about their innovation.

Cif workshops are tailored to the occasion and companies attending, but generally follow the same structure. Continue reading for the learning outcomes, example agenda, preparation and team.


After the workshop, participants are able to:
  • Forecast the climate impact of their innovation
  • Proceed independently to calculate and improve their climate- and eco-impact
  • Identify which aspects of their start-up idea contribute most to the total impact
  • Articulate conditions for the climate impact reduction potential of their start-up
  • Describe a few LCA concepts, e.g. system boundary, functional unit, LCI, EI’99, ISO14000, single indicators, endpoints and CO2 equivalents.
  • Communicate their positive impact effectively to peers, clients and investors


10:00 Welcome, introductions, overview, goals 10:30 Climate Impact Quiz! 11:00 Best practices from positive impact companies and the science of impact assessment 12:00 Work on functional units and baselines 12:30 Lunch break and networking 13:30 Cif tutorial and examples 14:00 Work on Climate Impact Forecasts with impact expert support in breakout rooms 16:00 Integrate impact into pitch deck 16:30 Pitch your positive impact! 17:00 Wrap up


To benefit from the workshop you need:
  • An (idea for an) innovation to find the impact of
  • A laptop (also for offline workshops)
  • Any available data on the amounts of materials, transport and energy used for your innovation
  • A tagline describing the idea in one sentence, for the introduction


  • Host and organizer of the event, brings the entrepreneurs together
  • Lead Cif trainer and lecturer, delivers the central parts of the workshop and facilitates the day
  • Assisting Cif trainers, impact experts to help entrepreneurs in chat and breakouts