A free guide to answer climate impact questions with a concise carbon footprint statement. Finally an easy tool that helps you generate data driven answers for applications.

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Do you make an impact on the climate, and how much? If you ever got this question you know it can be hard to give a satisfying answer. We break the problem down into 18 questions that are a lot easier to answer.

  • What is the potential climate impact of this project in t CO2eq?

  • How do you (intend to) measure the actual climate impact of the project?

  • Which data and assumptions did you use to quantify your climate impact?



3 steps to an impact hypothesis



Model innovations using different software tools and directly see negative or positive climate impact.



Improve the impact of the projects in your competition, company or portfolio, with lean impact expert support services.



Share the positive impact made by the innovators you support, to investors, sponsors and followers.

any impact project

Our Impact Hypothesis tool can be used in a wide range of projects, products and services, in any sector. We distinguish three types of projects based on how they make climate impact.


Projects that help others to reduce or prevent the emission of greenhouse gas, for example:

  • Accelerating electric vehicle adoption
  • Promoting low carbon meals and diets
  • Making biogas installations for farmers
  • Financing solar panels on rooftops

Projects that reduce or prevent the emission of greenhouse gasses directly, for instance by

  • Replacing fossil fuel with clean energy
  • Carbon sequestration or capture and storage
  • Preventing resource use
  • Using materials with lower carbon footprints

Projects that help communities and eco-systems cope with climate change effects, e.g.:

  • Building flood protection
  • Increasing resilience to drought
  • Decreasing urban heat island effects
  • Supporting fragile ecosystems
More about us

We offer impact innovation services from start to finish. With a different focus and degree of support for projects of increasing levels of readiness. From cost effective ways to select applicants with high climate impact potential, through workshops and on demand impact expert coaching during the program, to lean third party validation and showcasing for winners and alumni.






We enable applicants to provide a consistent statement on how their innovation reduces GHG emissions and roughly how much. Which enables you to select potentially impactful projects for a program, tender or fund.

Positive impact stories

Climate Impact Forecast has been a great platform for us to understand and measure the actual impact of our product. The trainers also helped us derive a preliminary LCA of our product while educating us about communicating our impact in a simpler way which everyone would be able to understand and relate to.

I just finished evaluating my solution with your incredible tool! I've come to use it for our participation in the Climate Launchpad competition. By the past I used very expensive and complicated tools and databases that were kind of too much for our application.

I just used the Cif tool to model my innovation. This is really useful because you get direct acces to data. I use the tool quite often to make development decisions.

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Do you want to recieve Impact Hypothesis in your application funnel? We can create a dedicated Hypothesis for your program.


Why do you offer this service for free?

Our mission is to help as many companies as possible getting the resources they deserve to create positive climate impact. Our free impact Hypothesis tool helps with the first (and most important) steps in defining the potential impact of a project. Use it, benefit from it and share it!

Can I save a file to get back to it later?

Yes, we created in this functionality that you are able to save your Impact Hypothesis. We don’t store it in a database, the data is stored on your personal computer. You can open your file any time you want using the “open file” button in the menu.

Where do you get the data from?

We use the IdeMat database for the climate impact and eco-costs of materials, energy, and processes. This LCI dataset is perfect to model your innovation. To make sure all the data you need is available we maintain and update the database regularly