Our scalable impact services make impact expertise accessible, by leveraging self-assessment with lean expertise when and where needed. And with webinars and workshops we can help a dozen projects a day to forecast their climate impact.

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Our trainers provide the same training, each with our own flair, examples, stories, experience and sustainable superpowers.

Overview of our products & services


Demo webinar

Tutorial on how to make a climate impact forecast with examples and Q&A, for participants who have some prior LCA experience or a sustainable engineering background this is sufficient to make their own impact forecast

CIF workshop

A full day, highly engaging and energetic workshop, with a quiz that breaks impact intuitions, an introduction to the science of impact assessment, examples of impactful companies and their best practices, a Cif demo and guided workshop to help anyone make their own impact forecast and present their climate impact in KgCO2eq at the end of the day! Read more

Impact Pitch

Impact pitch training is an 120 minute workshop focused on how to explain your impact clearly yet scientifically sound in under 30 seconds, for pitches and marketing


1:1 Impact Clinic

A structured 1 hour 1 on 1 coaching video call with an impact expert. Around a forecast prepared by the startup. Aimed to improve the impact of the innovation.

10:2 Impact Clinic

A 2-hour coaching video call with two impact experts and up to ten teams. These coaching sessions are of great benefit for peer to peer knowledge exchange.


CIF validation


A structured check of a climate impact forecast by a third party LCA expert, who provides feedback and time for a revision before determining if the impact forecast is positive, significant and valid. A validation is always delivered in a report. Read more

Impact projection

Where does the climate impact of this innovation tend to in the future? Using market share assumptions from the startups, and trend data of the market segment and its future baseline impact, we project the future impact of the innovation



An Application report is a concise overview of the impact information from all of your applicants, who used the Impact Hypothesis. We can include custom questions and compile a report to support your selection process with impact information.


The Program report shows an impact overview of participants in your program. If you use multiple impact services, the Program report shows the progression of the projects to improve their impact and forecasts.


The Jury report is a one-page overview comparing all teams in a given competition, with a one-page appendix for each of the participating projects. Use it as a reference to have impact data at hand, ask the right questions, and make better decisions.


Report on the impact of your program, and the actual difference in climate impact made by the projects you support. An impact report bundles the impact information from companies in operation, typically the alumni of the support program.


We offer special training programs to organisations who are looking for internal training, for instance on how to assess impact as a jury. Send us an e-mail and we inform you about the possibilities.