We help innovators to improve and communicate how you make impact, and how much, to your customers, backers and potential investors.

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Climate Impact Forecast

Do you have a solution with positive climate impact, and do you want to know how much? Know and show your impact with transparent and presentable impact forecasts.





Create a Project

A project is like a folder for one product or service. It can contain one or more impact forecasts relating to the same impact innovation. Projects make it easy to collaborate on different ideas with different teams.

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To make it easy we offer only one type of license. You can request more services in the platform.

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Climate impact Forecast tool

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Save and share your impact data

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Improve the quality, transparency, credibility and sharability of your impact claims with these services, provided by our impact experts.

Impact clinics

A coaching call with an impact expert

A structured 1 hour 1 on 1 coaching video call with an impact expert. Around a forecast prepared by the startup. Aimed to improve the impact of the innovation.

Expert validation

Third party validation by impact expert

Validation is a structured check of a climate impact forecast by a third party LCA expert, who provides feedback and time for a revision before determining if the impact forecast is positive, significant and valid.


Publication of your validated project

We offer our webpage as a platform to showcase your innovation. This way you can show off your validated project to the world.


The impact hypothesis is our free tool to help you write concise and consistent impact statements. Use it to describe and quantify your impact in a few minutes.

Answer 18 questions

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Share your impact

Answer 18 questions

Do you make an impact on the climate, and how much? If you ever got this question you know it can be hard to give a satisfying answer. We break the problem down into 16 questions, that are a lot easier to answer.

Positive impact stories

Climate Impact Forecast has been a great platform for us to understand and measure the actual impact of our product. The trainers also helped us derive a preliminary LCA of our product while educating us about communicating our impact in a simpler way which everyone would be able to understand and relate to.

I just finished evaluating my solution with your incredible tool! I've come to use it for our participation in the Climate Launchpad competition. By the past I used very expensive and complicated tools and databases that were kind of too much for our application.

I just used the Cif tool to model my innovation. This is really useful because you get direct acces to data. I use the tool quite often to make development decisions.

Our partners

These organizations support impact projects and offer/use Impact Forecast in their programs:


Recommend us for your organisation

Projects supported by our partner organizations can use the climate impact forecast tool for free. If your project is supported by an incubator, university, competition or organization, recommend us! Your program coordinator can get licenses at a discount, and extend our tools and services to you and other projects.


Can I expect to find the impact data I need?

Our database has 1000+ impact indicators, and most materials, energy sources, types of food and so on are in there. You can also use custom data to include LCA results from prior research.

Can I use the software to make a full product LCA?

Climate Impact Forecast allows you to determine the avoided emissions of your innovation compared to the prevailing solution in the market. This does not correspond to the ‘carbon footprint’ of your product. However, we can connect you with an expert or consultancy to conduct an impact analysis. Bear in mind that a full LCA is expensive, and only relevant for more established companies.

How do I share my impact forecasts?

Easily share your impact forecast to your stakeholders and potential investors, on our platform or as a report. We can also share a validated Cif for you as a showcase.