Our specialists and software solutions help innovators, startups and ecopreneurs measure and improve their climate impact

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We make impact data and expertise available to anyone with easy online tools and accessible workshops, leveraged by impact expert coaching and validation on-demand.

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Online Impact tools

Our tools use impact data and principles from Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and make them useful for startups and SME's, for early stage projects and for quick decisions. Calculate CO2 footprints and environmental impact in minutes or hours, instead of days or weeks.

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Calculate the climate and environmental impact



Improve the impact of the projects in your competition, company or portfolio, with lean impact expert support services.



Share the positive impact made by the innovators you support, to investors, sponsors and followers.


Two years ago we held the first impact forecast workshop for accelerator startups, and have since tried other impact assessment tools from different LCA consultancies and impact organisations. I find the Climate impact forecast to be the best fit for the needs of our startups, not only providing a forecast of the impact in short time, but also for delivering a very pedagogic exercise bringing the startups an important understanding around their impact assumptions and how to improve their value proposition.

– Mikkel Trym, Accelerator manager

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Impact hypothesis

Can't wait to get started? Try our free, fast and simplified Impact Hypothesis. Ideal for answering impact questions in applications with clear, concise and calculated answers.

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Answer 18 questions

Do you make an impact on the climate, and how much? If you ever got this question you know it can be hard to give a satisfying answer. We break the problem down into 18 questions, that are a lot easier to answer.

any impact project

Impact Forecasts are used in a wide range of projects, products and services, across every sector. We distinguish three types of projects based on how they make climate impact.


Projects that help others to reduce or prevent the emission of greenhouse gas, for example:

  • Accelerating electric vehicle adoption
  • Promoting low carbon meals and diets
  • Making biogas installations for farmers
  • Financing solar panels on rooftops

Projects that reduce or prevent the emission of greenhouse gasses directly, for instance by

  • Replacing fossil fuel with clean energy
  • Carbon sequestration or capture and storage
  • Preventing resource use
  • Using materials with lower carbon footprints

Projects that help communities and eco-systems cope with climate change effects, e.g.:

  • Building flood protection
  • Increasing resilience to drought
  • Decreasing urban heat island effects
  • Supporting fragile ecosystems

our clients

We support clients with packages of licenses and products for their users.



What if we need more licenses?

If you have an account you can get one or multiple licences at your plans page. New users can sign up here.

Can I try your software ?

We offer monthly plans that can be terminated at any time, and offer money-back guarantee for the first month in case its not what you need.

What database do you use?

We use the IdeMat database for the climate impact and eco-costs of materials, energy and processes. It is an LCI dataset and: there's an app!

Can we get an impact overview of our users?

Absolutely. Our mission is to include more impact science in impactful decisions. We compare projects by current and projected climate impact, and validity of the assessment.

Can we use this software in our education program?

Please do! Impact forecast is made to learn about impact and how to avoid and reduce GHG emissions with innovation. See student and class license options here.

What is the last question?

We understand that measuring impact can be really complex. Our free webinars help you with the basics.